Cosmo Run FAQ

Distances at the event?

5km and 10km.

Entry fees?

10km Run/Walk – R90.00.
5km Run/Walk – R70.00.
Non-participants – R20.00.
Children under 7years – Free.

Are online entries open?

Open already – Enter here.

When do online entries close?

28 May 2020 at 12:00.

Venue, start and finish?

Pretoria National Botanical Garden.

Did you receive my entry?

You will get a confirmation email. Double check that your information is CORRECT.

I cannot continue the route, what now?

There will be marshals on the route. The organiser will be contacted and a support vehicle will come and pick you up.

How many water points are there on the route?

There are water points every 2-3km on the route.

Will public toilets be on the route?

No public toilets on the route.

Will there be entertainment after the race?

There will be food stalls. You can enjoy the rest of the day in the garden.

Can I bring a picnic basket for after the Walk?

Yes, you can bring your a picnic basket. Refreshments will also be sold.

Are umbrellas and gazebos allowed?


Safe parking at the venue?


Is my pet allowed?

No animals are permitted.

Are there any age restrictions for the route?

Yes, on the 10km – no under 7 year are allowed to run or walk on public roads.  Under 7 years will have to stay inside the Pretoria National Botanical Garden.

What time does the prize giving take place?

Prize giving will take place at 10:00.

What is the route

It is available at

Are substitutes allowed?

Yes, someone else can come if you are not able to.

Can I buy a race shirt?

Yes (R120.00 each) they will be sold in-store, online and on race day.

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